“There is nothing so beautiful as the crescendo of the human heart”
………………………………………………………………Robert Shaw

Want a deeper understanding about what’s going on with your pet? Want to bring back harmony and well-being? “Talk” with your pet to find solutions, genuine connection, clarity, true “heart crescendo” songs of joy and hope, with communications from “The Heart of Conversation”.

Welcome to The Heart of Conversation! “Heart talk” uncovers both fur and non-fur folks’ needs, by intuitive and clear “talk” and energy work that empowers both people and their pets to heal needs and communicate love.

I am Paula Brown / Animal Communicator / Heartist. My purpose is to guide you and your pet to get “unstuck” and into understanding, healing and joy, with my communications and energetic sessions (even art!).

The ignition of healing and regaining well-being are the main benefits of both my telepathic “Heart to Heart” communications and energy reads. True aha moments! You CAN find both cause and solutions to behavior, emotional, physical, and “out of balance” actions.

Heart communications help you find and know your pet’s purpose, “job”, physical and emotional needs, status, likes and dislikes, as well as your own strengths and joys. “Talks” create comfort for fur folks in the present moment as well as with pets passed over.

For a complimentary 20 minute talk about connecting “heart to heart” finding out you and your pet’s needs give me a call at: 310.621.8512

Animal Essence Sketch Portraits
Click on the video below to see a sketch animal essence portrait come to life!


Your pet is your art of love, experience it, know it, hold it in your heart. Capture your pet’s “essence” by having an intuitive sketch portrait made. Done from your color photo, in loose pencil and ink line style, the personality of your pet is expressed in color and in line movement.

Finish art is sent to you in archival mat ready for you to frame!

Great for gifts, memories, memorials, reflection of love. Give me a call for prices and details! 310.621.8512

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