February, 2016


There is a wonderful little Burrowing Owl that is residing close to a pathway at a Conservancy I am a volunteer docent. You don’t notice him due to his color and quiet camouflage against the sand, light stones, and sticks all around his small hole home. I snapped a quick photo of him and created the above art. Only his head swivels from time to time taking in all around.

This owl is a master at blending into his environment. Do you have an animal that also uses the environment of closets, under the bed and drapes, a variety of hiding spots in your home?

The difference between the wild ones doing this and our domestic fur folks is quite profound. Strength of “who” one is and knowing how to use one’s environment for safety and being “under the radar” to both hunt and be protected is seen in the owl’s courage to be in the open yet blend in. A domestic pet has many other reasons to “hide out”, most of which are based on fear, the opposite of courage.

I have one of these “Houdini” fur folks who are fearful of people due his quite traumatic kitten hood. Hiding is the “go to” behavior for this most loving, gracious, little one. He was a rescue kitten, almost starved to death, yet when being captured rose to the occasion to protect his two little brothers. Yes, he does have huge courage!

How can you turn fear and “hiding” into open courage and trust?

For some it is a long journey to come out of hiding after pretty tough beginnings or abuse. Just like human folks…it takes some time and lots of love.

The downside of “hiding” and not coming out to see people, not coming when called to come out is obvious. In home or environmental emergencies these animals are left behind. A very sad thing to have to do in order for a person and others to be safe due to emergency. When you want to travel…makes it tough for pet sitters and you as well…stress over feeding, knowing all is well while you are gone. Plus, the little fur folks are missing out of a lot of fun and sharing of love!

To begin with, a person can help their fur folks with TOUCH, TALKING TO THEM, and LOVING THOUGHTS, accepting them just the way they are. Try it out. Just sit, wait for them to feel safe, offer play, and hold them (even if they squirm to be released). If they are young, wear a large t-shirt or sweatshirt, wrap them into your shirt, carry them around, let them see all is good and safe. The last thing little scared fur folks need is for you to just “wait” for them to come to you…you go snatch them up, hug them close, tell them, show them, they are safe and loved!

Check them out for “blockages” in the energy that circulates through their bodies. Maybe they need some chiropractic adjustments, some pressure point or acupuncture smoothing out? Could they be hurting physically and needing to protect themselves?

Find out what they require in Flower Essences. These non-herbal tinctures help harmonize the baggage of fear and non-trust when you give them appropriately. For my little fur ball…he is finally coming out and seeing some pretty nice people who come to play with him now. It has taken a year and a half with Essences, patience, and he is now a closer observer to those who come into the house.

Nature provides camouflage for its critters for all sorts of reasons. Domestic animals do not benefit from “hiding out”. Never give up on those “Houdini” animals that for many not so great reasons, hide out in their homes…give tons of love to them and they WILL eventually come out to play and get hugs.

Give me a call and let’s figure out some ways to bring them out into the open, making both fur and non fur folk more in harmony and joy!

I’m Paula Brown; Animal Communicator / Author / Feng Shui practitioner / Visual Scribe. I am a storyteller showing you how to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for pets, business, and home. My site is:   Link in, connect up and “like” my facebook page at:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


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