“Where there is great love there are also miracles.”
…………………………………………………………………………..Willa Cather

We all have deep heart connections with one another. The love exchange of a Heart to Heart telepathic communication IS going on constantly between people as well as their animals!

You are “talking” with your animals all the time. Your thoughts pour out of your hearts and are received and understood by your animals. You just need to be still and “listen.”

How Does the Heart Communicate?

Animals communicate through a variety of “sent” visuals, voices and feelings. When I engage in a telepathic heart to heart communication with an animal, I become quiet, open my heart, and the connection is made. I then “listen” and ask questions. Visuals of the animal, along with its “voice” are heard and seen, combining to reveal distinct personality and emotion, clearly answering questions and making requests. If an animal has a physical issue or discomfort, many times that discomfort also comes into my body temporarily to illustrate where disease or discomfort may be happening for the animal.

When Is A Heart Communication Helpful?

In general, just “checking in” with them deepens your bond and strengthens the love connection to your animal friend.

During any kind of change. From moving, construction, guests, to adding new fur and non fur folks.

Behavioral / emotional issues. Old, repeating, or a new behavior that needs to be addressed treat the cause, not the “symptom”.

Rescue and abandonment issues. For current or past physical and emotional trauma. Find out what can be calmed, balanced, and brought back into harmony…a MUST for those rescue fur folks.

Physical illness or trauma. Provide comfort and alternative modalities for both you and your animal during times of physical disease and trauma.

Preparing for transition. Give you and your animal the opportunity to convey the deepness of your love and loyalty. A communication at this time helps both you and your animal prepare and accept transition with grace and love.

After your animal makes its transition. This is the purest form of “heart conversation” and healing that you could ever have with your animal friend.

A Heart Conversation Is More Than Just “Talk!”

Telepathic conversations carry wonderful healings, during the communications much more than a “conversation” occurs. My reads are holistic; I do a “total” read with energetics and the “talk”. When energy does not flow freely, an animal can become unbalanced in many ways.

Core Energetic reads:

Dowsing: A “dowsing” scan is an energetic read that points out energy blockages, both past and present, in the animal’s body. Many animals “stuff” their physical needs during a communication in an attempt to not “worry” their people. This energetic read reveals and or confirms blocked areas that could be causing emotional or physical discomfort.

Chakra read: With a chakra read, I check to see if all 7 chakras are open and “firing.” If a chakra is “reversed,” it is sometimes a reflection or a cause of emotional or physical disease.

Flower Essence read: Flower essences are water-based tinctures that are used to balance the emotional body. Each animal has a custom (and ever changing!) combination of essences that can help balance the emotional body, which in turn has a profound effect on the physical body.

For deep energetic healing sessions involving crystal, chakra, dowsing and pendulum work, please call me to discuss!

Animal Communication Consultations.
I work with a variety of clients in the United States and around the world both “remote” and in person. If you would like to experience a heart conversation with your animal friend, please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Consists of 3 phases
1. Gathering of information from you about your animal.
This includes a brief bio on your animal and your questions. I will give you details of my needs (send you my “outline”), which includes obtaining a color photo of your animal.
2. Heart communication & energetic read with your animal.
After the information and payment have been received, the heart communication is done telepathically in scheduled session-not “live” over the phone. The conversation is then transcribed as well as the energy readings noted.
3. Results and analysis.
You will be asked to phone my office at an agreed-upon time. I will then read you the entire heart conversation with your animal, as well as the results from the various energy reads. We will discuss the meaning of the read and the energy finds, talk about possible solutions, and go over any questions you may have.

Total time for call, no more than 40 minutes per animal.

In Person:
Consists of 2 phases (Done in your home.)
1. Gathering of information from you about your animal.
This includes a brief bio on your animal and your questions. I will give you details of my needs (send you my “outline”), which includes obtaining a color photo of your animal. I do the energy reads prior to my arrival at your home.
2. An in-person discussion with you about your animal at your location.
I communicate with your animal telepathically on site. After the communication, I will go over the read with you and answer any questions.

Total time for at home visit is no more than 1.5 hours. Fees for travel and consultation are agreed upon before arrival.

Group Consultations:
Are available on request. Please call for a quote and description.

Please click on the below Pdf to download my Standard fee rates.
Or give me a call or e-mail me at to discuss, answer questions or find out more!

Payment can be made via PayPal (an added service fee will be added by PayPal), or old fashioned check sent to my mailing address.

Download Fees PDF: Paula Brown / Heart of Conversation