…EVENTS, and links that will inspire, bring more positive flow and awareness, give you tools to find balance, joy and greater abundance in all you do. Offerings include Animal Communication, Feng Shui, Art and Personal Energetic Discovery, along with Huna workshops and talks!

Check out “what’s coming up” in the below events and links. Connect up, sign up, get involved, and explore your heart’s “talk”!

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Paula Brown
(cell) 310.8512

Find “Fur Shui” at Amazon: Fur Shui Amazon

April 15th, Tuesday 2008 -My book “FUR SHUI®” is released!!!!  Go to my website: and order! February, 2013, “FUR SHUI®” sells out and is now in 2nd release, bigger, better!

June 25th, Wednesday 8-9AM, CBS, The Early Show…Fur Shui segment with Debbye Turner!!!!!!  National News!!!

December 1, 2009 – January 1, 2010 and beyond! CONGRATULATIONS TO “FUR SHUI”!!! Now “Fur Shui” is on the shelves in Italian. Bella for the book! Anyone who is interested in the Italian version, the book title in Italy is: “IL TAO DEI BATTI E DEGLI ALTRI AMICI DELL’UOMO. Guida al Feng Shui per gli animali domestici, Published by AVALLARDI.  It is fun to see cats purr as “Rron, Roron”! Now “Fur Shui” is in the UK, Italy and the US and Canada! Ciao!!!

CURRENT EVENTS: (Scroll down for LA!)


June, 2016 – 3 day workshop, Lucerne, Switzerland, “Return to your heart!”
Learn how to empower yourself and your world with energetic principles from Black Hat Feng Shui, Purpose heart communications and “hunting”, and Huna applications all meant to connect you up with your heart journey and the heart of nature!
Contact me at: for further details and schedule!


March 18, 2018: 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year Workshop:
How to unleash your prosperity in the year of the dog!
10AM to 12PM / Healing in America, Ojai, CA
107 West Aliso Street, Ojai, CA 93023
Fee: $40.
It’s the Lunar Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. Discover some Feng Shui tips to help you shift from last year’s “fire” energy, to this year’s “earth” energy.
Unleash you, your home, and find purposeful energy to
put ease and prosperity in all aspects of your life.
More details at events at:
Sign up: Paula Brown 310.621.8512 or
for paypal reservation

Healing in America: 805.640.0211 credit card reservation

November 14, 2017: Animal Spirit Guide Workshop
7PM to 9PM / Healing in America, Ojai, CA
107 West Aliso Street, Ojai, CA 93023
Fee: $40.
Find out “who” and “what” is guiding you on your purpose path from the animal spirit kingdom. We all have guides in this world as well in the world of Totem animals and nature spirits. Come dive into your quest to find your own unique guidance system connections you have with nature!
2 hour guided meditation class…and you need not have any meditation experience to participate.
Bring: a journal and a pen…possibly a sketch book if you wish to draw!
Any “sitting” cushions, chairs provided…and bring your own dry snacks and drinks.
An open heart and a desire to do some purpose connections to nature “questing”!
More information: Call me at: 310.621.8512
Or register with Healing in America:

October 19, 2017: HOWL-O-WEEN! Pet costume party,
6PM to 9PM / Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort,
Anaheim, CA
YMCA of North County

A costume pawty for your fur folks / dogs!
I will  be doing a “one question” animal communications for this event. Bring a color photo of your fur folk or in person fur folk. Sessions are 15 minutes, fee is $40.
Fee goes to providing early breast cancer screenings to medically underserved women in Orange County.

February, 2016: Fur Shui Interview in “Catster” magazine…now on-line at:

February 13, 2016: The Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey Talk!
10:30AM to 11:30AM / Restful Steep, Torrance, CA

What is the personality and traditions of this new year of the monkey? What are some things you can do now to continue your prosperity and abundance? Join in and gain a few auspicious New Year tips, and open up to the flow of fresh new energy coming to us all this year!

Bring “9” dollar bills (you will not be buying anything) and note paper and pen or pencil.

Registration for this event required. To register, please call Restful Steep at (310) 891-6985 or purchase tickets online.
Purchase now:


“Fur Shui” now seen in Splash Magazine
Splash Magazine, Los Angeles, is now “talking” about “Fur Shui”! Take a look at the article written by Gerry Furth at:


February 14, 2015 Valentines Day!
Speaking in Del Mar, CA, “Talk to the Animals III”
Love is in the air in February, and it is being expressed at a special event down in Del Mar, CA at Dexter’s Deli. I will be a guest panelist and communicator at the 3rd Dexter’s Deli “Talk to the Animals III”. This event benefits two animal causes: “Freedom Dogs” and “Wounded Warriors Service Dogs”.
Come on down and have a lovely Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2015 at Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar
12:30pm on the upper deck: Free Panel Presentation: Stories about Animal Communication

2pm: Quick one question chats with your pet: $30. fee

Purchase tickets in advance only at Dexter’s Deli / Tickets available February 1, 2015 (SPACES GO FAST!)

Dexter Deli info:
phone: 858.792.3707


November 2, 2014 – Sunday – 2 PM – 4 PM  Aum & Garden, Sherman Oaks, CA
Find your flow with Feng Shui!
This two hour class will introduce you to all the magical energies already living in your home, office or space! During this two hour class you will be introduced to the basics of black hat feng shui by learning about the energy “treasure chest”; the bagua.
• Learn the locations of all 9 life areas called “guas” that make up the bagua,
     their “colors”, numbers, elements, roles.
• One gua “emphasis” will be the “career or life path” area. How to find this important
    area and “amp” the chi up!
• How your “intention” makes or breaks what you do with feng shui.
• How your pets use this flow of free energy inside your and their environment!

Fee: $40. PrePay until Oct. 31…$45. at door. (Limited Space!)
Call and sign up: Paula Brown   310.621.8512
At: Aum & Garden, 13363 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
CALL or EMAIL: Paula Brown  310.621.8512


October 1, 2014 – Wednesday – 6:30PM – 8:30PM, Mystic Journey Bookstore, Venice, CA
Find your flow with Feng Shui!
This two hour class will introduce you to all the magical energies already living in your home, office or space! Want more abundance, harmony, clairity…come on down to the Mystic Journey bookstore and treat yourself to come positive chi flow!

Fee: $40.   Call and sign up: Mystic Journey Bookstore  310.399.7070
Mystic Journey Bookstore: 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice CA 90291

August 30, 2014 – Saturday – 1PM – 2PM – The Gratitude Circle @ Aum&Garden
Practice the Attitude of Gratitude!

Come to the Gratitude Circle; enrich your life, increase you joy, NOW.
Theme (each circle based on Huna Principle): June 29th: “Manawa: Now is the moment of power”
Fee: $15. must pre-pay and register
At: Aum & Garden, 13363 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

CALL or EMAIL: Paula Brown  310.621.8512



September 10 & 11, 2014 – Wednesday & Thursday – 5:30PM – 6:30PM – Huna Talk / Helsinki, Finland
Talking Huna!

Learn how to empower yourself and your world with the basic principles of Hawaiian Huna!

In this 2 evening talk event you will be introduced to the basic assumptions and principles of Hawaiian Huna. Come and find out how you can harmonize relationships using these principles and living these assumptions.

First night: Introduction to to “Whats” of Huna and its basic principles, primary assumptions…first 3 principles explored along with calming breath instruction.

Second night: Final 4 Huna principles introduced along with “Aloha” meditation and other peace generating tips!
For registration and more information please contact:
FINLAND: Piia Vainio, Email:

September 6 & 7, 2014 – Saturday & Sunday – 9:30AM – 6PM – Fur Shui Workshop / Loviisa, Finland
Introduction to Black Hat Feng Shui & Animal Communications

How to get out of your head and into your heart Workshop.

Two days of energetic exploration and learning!
Day one: Explore the basics of Black Hat Feng Shui. You will find out about your environment’s “chi” by learning all about the energy road map called the Bagua. Discovery (with the help of my book “Fur Shui”) and meaning of all it’s life spaces or guas and apply your new knowledge to your living spaces.

Day two: Introduce yourself to the wonderful world of communicating with animals. Find out how to relax your mind and start listening with your heart to begin heart to heart talk with pets and nature. You will find out the basics of what you need to do to talk with the animals!

For registration and more information please contact:
FINLAND: Piia Vainio, Email:

EVENTS / WORKSHOPS / TALKS / offered for Animal Spirit Guide Discovery, Animal Communications, Feng Shui, Personal energetic discovery, and Huna. CALL or EMAIL: Paula Brown  310.621.8512