June, 2019

What to do about unprovoked dog aggression.

Did you bring home a loving, quiet, peaceful dog who then turns into a fearful, attacking, “snapping”, and barking dog? This is a HOT topic for most folks who adopt dogs.

Within a couple of weeks, (as the animal gains a feeling of safety), a new dog parent is shown their new dog’s “baggage”. There are many causes for dog aggression from past abuse to unbalanced body or emotional patterns. Rescue animals run a huge gamut of “cause”…what can you do? You need to find the CAUSE to find a solution. Each dog is unique, each solution too. “Attack First” is a common defense for dogs that are not balanced emotionally or physically.

To treat immediate behavior, look to a trusted trainer whose methods are of “gentling” not “domination”. Domination training can make things go “within” and causes keeping the imbalance issue rather than releasing and creating new patterns. “Stuffing” causes disease and later severe unpredictable blow ups. Strong-hand LOVE is what is needed, standing in confidence, and showing what is wanted in behavior with trust and love.

At the same time, look into finding physical and energetic blockages, get a baseline “map” to see what needs attention, correction, and help. We are all connected to our patterns, to each other, by invisible energy waves coming from us and our animals. Animals REALLY mirror our energy field (it is sort of like our magnetic field!) and absorb our stress unconditionally. Look at your pet, you are looking at your patterns, your “lessons”, your and their needs. Alternative methods that create calm, trust, lessen anxiety like acupuncture, T-Touch, Chakra and Flower Essence work (be very careful with self-diagnosing and treating with herbs, go to an expert!) can be a great healing to the cause of the behavior.

I have seen and been a part of great behavior shifts from a fear filled dog into a balanced dog enjoying honest well-being by finding and working with causes rather than treating symptoms. It is a journey of love, well worth the effort that reveals and heals both the dog and its person’s issues born from fear and debilitating learned habits.
Please give me a call so I can be of help with what are called “common dog behavior issues” which are really unique and quite uncommon (and sometimes very tough) for each and every person and pet who experiences upsetting behavior.

All you really want is peace. You can create that in yourself and your pet by going deep within the cause or essence of the pain your animal is experiencing. It is worth the journey, peace, calm, and well being are all possible.

Summer calming Essence tips.
No matter what season, when you and your animal shift patterns, Flower Essences for the emotional body are a big plus. 
Flower essence tip for easing into summer “loud noises, trips, and change”. You need to dilute the essences and get them to your pet at least 1 to 2 weeks before an event.
For our holiday “noise”: Try a bit of Rescue Remedy, Mimulus, and Aspen
Vacations: Traveling challenges can be soothed by Rescue Remedy, Walnut, Honeysuckle.
BEST to get a baseline communication and energy read along with a custom essence read (I offer these separately too) for your pet, all are different!
Call me for a full read: 310.621.8512

If you want to dive into Flower Essence healing on your own or with your read results, send me a note at: paula@animalhearttalk.com and I will send you the “how to” dilute for animals…its easy.

From my heart to yours, thanks for reading, pass this along to your animal loving friends too!


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