“My soul story is my passion to connect with the essence or “speak” of nature.
Guiding others to the magic of, discovery, seeing, listening, and talking with the soul of nature, has always been my heart gift.”


From rolling green hills of my Irish Grandparent’s dairy farm in Washington to the huge open expanses of my German Grandparent’s farm in Iowa, my best friends were the land, the plants, and the farm animals. Being from Seattle, I was born with hiking boots and backpack, roaming the mountains as well as island hopping the San Juans via boat. My childhood jacket pockets were filled with precious stones, feathers, leaves, and even small baby trees!. I brought home all types of animals to be cared for from caterpillars, tadpoles, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, to deer! Animals were constantly showing up at my door as well as following me home, I was  gifted with a natural attraction and strong connection to nature and animals. The artist in me was also born as I drew and painted the nature and animals that inspired me. I’ve spent my life loving, caring, painting, and talking with nature and animals.

At a very young age I was receiving feelings, energy, words, visions, from nature, especially animals. This “talent” was considered a gift in my Irish family. My “knowing” motivated me to telepathically communicate with all types of species.

I have always “talked” and healed animals. For my entire life, animals have been my family, my joy and passion of “WHY” I do things. Since 1998, I have been “officially listening” to animals’ hearts, helping people make deeper loving connections with their animal companions. As an animal communicator, my mission and passion are to be a bridge connecting your animal’s heart with your own, giving both “soul voices” a chance to be heard.

The bridge that opened my heart to hear and know the soul of nature and animals comes from my Grandmother Bow’s dairy farm, and my Grandfather Koch with his huge heart and farm in Iowa. Their peaceful way of “communicating” and listening to animals and land brought my opening to nature’s love. The Guernsey cows spoke to me with their eyes, feelings, and needs. The land, workhorses, chickens, pigs and plants all sung their songs to me while my Grandfather took his dowsing rod to find water. The talk I received was pure peace, understanding, friendship, all connected to each other in a symphony of love.

I find deep love and peace in helping folks both fur and non-fur find their own soul speak. To share my being as a soul storyteller.


Using both telepathic conversation as well as energetic readings I find out quickly what is happening in both the physical and emotional bodies of an animal. My communications are noted for having a deep sense of compassion, along with the ability, to quickly connect with the core of an issue. All my “tools” are inspired by the environment, my grandparents, and my own passion for seeking out how to show the invisible energy that connects us all. From energy dowsing (inspired by Grandfather Koch), custom flower essence “reads” (they offer much more than just their beauty), chakra discovery scans and work (as energy flows attention goes!), pendulum practices (the yes and no of patterns), feng shui (the environment’s energy of flow or no flow), to following the wisdom of Hawaiian Huna.

I have many certifications that support my Fur Folk Talk. The most important thing for me to serve this world is to be an inspiration for you and your pet to open your heart to tell your own soul stories. As I see it, the stories of joy are infinite. I can confirm from my own experience with receiving the unconditional love of nature and my pets; love always returns.

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