“My heart loves all forms of learning, and passing on my own knowing by expressing Heart Art in many ways!
I create art, books, and writings that help people “see and be” the magical connections in nature, home, and themselves!”


“Fur ShuiTM. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.” / Paula Brown Author, Illustrator

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or goldfish, you and your pet reverberate with chi, the mystic flow of life. “Fur Shui” offers a serious but lighthearted overview of how we can easily improve the quality of life both for our furry (and nonfurry) friends and for ourselves. You’ll learn that animals are full of natural energy and have a pervasive desire to provide emotional support to their caretakers. By understanding the simple principles in “Fur Shui”, you’ll immediately see that our pets have the power to improve our health, protect our homes, and commiserate with us on work, money, and love.

Fur Shui.” Is a world traveler, and has been honored to be featured on CBS The Early Show, Martha Stewart Sirius Radio, Discovery Channel, Mom Talk Radio and a host of national and international media. It is available and published in the US, Canada, The UK, and translated into Italian.

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