“Guiding people to listen, find, and connect heart to heart to their pets, themselves and all of nature makes my soul sing”

Want to hear, talk with, bond heart to heart, know the needs of your pets, of nature, and empower your soul to its own true nature? Learn how to open your heart to all the love that you are already connected to by taking a class or two! It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart to find more confidence, love, trust your intuition, gain focus, and begin to live fully by telling your own soul story. Become a soul storyteller with your pets, in your business and in life.


Mastering Fur Folk Talk: A nine session Live Group On-Line Class in beginning animal communications. Gain more love and deep “knowing” as you find out what your pet is telling you, what it needs and loves! Find both YOU and your pet’s heart voice as you learn how to connect “Heart to Heart”. To listen, to hear and talk with your pet, grows joy, hope, peace of mind, love, confidence and clarity for you and your pet. No experience needed. An easy guide to connect with your heart that brings huge well-being!
Details for all classes will be posted on this page as class is offered.

Animal Spirit Guide Workshop:"Enlightening, Inspirational, Healing" comments from attendees. JUST COMPLETED THE WORKSHOP. SEND ME AN EMAIL TO SIGN UP FOR THE WAITING LIST FOR NEXT WORKSHOP! Your Animal Spirit Guides are walking with you, guiding and supporting you in all you do. It’s time you find out “WHO” is walking with you from the realm of animal spirit. No meditation experience needed. 1.5 hour on-line class is a fun journey from the “ordinary” world to the “non-ordinary” where you find guidance from your current or constant animal spirit guides!

Date, time, sign up, fee, and payment link announced as class is put into scheduling

Shifting out of stress and into safety: On-Line mini workshop leading you into Safe-Shift through change. Shift happens. Now we can Safe-shift through change! Our lives, our “norms” constantly change. Move forward feeling safe during your navigation into new positive patterns that will bring well-being to us, our fur folks, and with all of our connections. This 3 hour, two part workshop, will focus on simple tips and learnings to bridge both heart and head to safe-shift into change.

Date, time, sign up, fee, and payment link announced as class is put into scheduling

A new gathering of offerings for heart to heart talk, wisdom, tools and insights to connecting up to nature as well discovering your own true purpose and nature. Coming soon!

Custom crafted one on one coaching or classes for animal communications, purpose, and energetic learning. Three and Six month packages for couching as well as consultation call prices offered.  Please go to my Calendar Scheduler to reserve your 20 minute Discovery Call. Or reach out with your questions with email: paula@animlahearttalk.com

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