“My heart receives such joy from touching the hearts of my clients and their fur loves.
Here are some of their words about the joy and healing I have brought to them! So grateful!”

Student comments from online “Mastering Fur Folk Talk” class

“I would unequivocally recommend Paula's classes to anyone who is truly interested in learning more about animal communication. The experience and education she shares, as well as her patience and encouragement, are priceless. Being able to communicate with animals has been a dream I've had for as long as I can remember. Now my dream is coming true. I'm looking forward to continuing my education with Paula classes.” 
Deborah, Richmond, VA

Paula is profoundly connected to animals and comes from pure love. You will find comfort, insight, and joy working with her.”
Laura / San Diego, CA

“Just adore Paula!  She's read a number of my animals over the years.  She's such a loving being.  Nice surprise to find out she's also a GREAT teacher!  (along with Makana Cat of course!  ha ha!).”
Debra, Aberdeen, NC

“It was magical to hear Chloe-Zoe's thoughts in her own "words", her unique viewpoint. The information was quite valuable, but the communication itself was beyond price. A lot of confusion was cleared up, thanks to Paula, and our family  lived together more peacefully. And I was a much better "mommy" to our two cats. And when one of them passed on, he got a message back to me through Paula that was very, very comforting.
Thank you, Paula!”
Lily, Los Angeles, CA

“Paula is the best animal communicator. I have had her read many of my pets over the years to find out health issues and about their backgrounds as rescue animals. It is amazing, I don’t know how she does it but it is a gift for certain. She is always correct.
It is uncanny.”
Lauren, Los Angeles, CA

“I worked with Paula when I first adopted my dog and with her after he passed.  I found Paula's readings to help me get through some really difficult times.  I recommend Paula to anyone out there who wants that little bit of extra information that could change your relationship in the here or in the hereafter.”
Tony, San Diego, CA

“This (class) was a great experience and practice in learning to connect to my pets and others fur kids. Simple techniques for grounding and connecting to my heart were taught, that I will use in life and work. I’m thankful to have learned from Paula, she has many levels of expertise and knowledge!”
JoAnna, Ventura, CA

“I met Paula a few years ago through my father.  My first experience with her abilities as an animal communicator was with my dog Bam Bam.  He was all of a sudden digging holes in my back yard, a habit he had never shown before.  I followed Paula’s questionnaire and asked my 5 questions.  A few days later we spoke on the phone and she gave me information that astounded me.  She spoke about things that were true of my dog but not things I had included in the information I had given her.  We changed Bam Bam’s routine and the digging stopped.  Since then I have been hooked.  Paula has communicated with my other dog a few times, especially with the passing of Bam Bam, and I’ve also had her work with my horses.  She’s come to my barn and watched my horses and given me insights on them, which have all proven to be true.  I’m probably one of the world’s most skeptical people, so trust me when I say Paula is THE BEST!  Truly, she knows what she is doing.  She takes what she does very seriously, and most importantly, cares for animals she speaks to weather she’s met them in person or not.  She has abilities to heal like no one I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve referred numerous people to her, and will continue to do so until the end of time.”
Stacey, Atlanta, GA

“Previously I have felt animals were trying to communicate with me through their eyes (the intensity that they look at me). Now, I have the ability to 'speak' with them and 'hear' what they want to say. Paula helped me 'open' my heart in order to 'hear'.”
Chriss, Long Beach, CA

“I met Paula after the tragic loss of one of my two beloved kitties.  A thoughtful counselor and gifted communicator, Paula helped me and my surviving kitty significantly as we grieved the loss.  Paula was able to help me understand my surviving kitty's emotional needs and, when he started showing physical symptoms similar to those my other kitty had had (which several vets had been unable to diagnose), Paula did a detailed reading of his physical systems.  Our (new) vet was able to validate Paula's findings and I believe that the ensuing treatment saved my little guy's life.  I am grateful beyond words and wish I had found her earlier.” 
Peggy, Los Angeles, CA

“Paula has become a constant in my life. A month after arriving in Michigan, my Corgi, Indy, passed away and Paula spoke with him the day before and the day after. Paula has an amazing gift to be able to connect to the soul of an animal and to talk with them and bring comfort to both the animal and the owner. She is a blessing to all animals that she comes in contact with giving them a voice. I know she will remain a part of our family for as long as we are here.”
Kimberlee,  Grand Haven, Michigan

“I came to Paula’s course with curiosity and also with doubts. Could I really learn to communicate with animals? However, Paula’s warm presence and her encouraging words gave me confidence and I was grateful to experience that this all can be true. I was impressed about the contents of the course, everything was so well organized and I was given all the material I needed to continue my practicing at home...My warmest thanks To Paula, the weekend opened a new chapter in my life and I’m grateful that she is walking with me on this journey of mine.”
Jaana-Maija, Finland

“I was gifted a session w Paula by a friend of mine after my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. You see, we had two dogs, Jack and Jolie, who (like me) struggled intensely with depression after the accident. I was so concerned about Jack, who was 16 at the time. He spent every single day with my husband for 16 years. Paula was able to help me with him and my other dog, Jolie. By communicating with them I truly believe it helped to heal us all, even if just a little bit. Paula has become a source of support and guidance for me. I’m so grateful for all she’s done and all she’s given!!!”
Lindsey, Los Angeles, CA

“We were very lucky to have been referred to Paula. We lost our wonderful dog, Rollie, who happened to be our soul mate.  She was able to communicate with him and let us know that all was well in his new world.
This was and is very comforting to us.
Our lives then became enriched with the addition of a beautiful mare, Ama Ray, to our family.  We had some important decisions to make regarding her future. Paula was able to give us some feedback from Ama. We followed our hearts and let Ama travel to a beautiful farm in California – she will soon be a wonderful Mother to a very special foal who will be born in February of 2007 – she is so happy in her spacious grassy pasture with her new found herd I’m not sure we will ever be able to get her to leave.
Our heartfelt thanks to Paula for facilitating this communication.
Don’t hesitate to seek out Paula’s communication skills – she will allow you to incorporate the spirit of your animals into your heart and everyday life.”
Jeanne & Dan, Scottsdale, Arizona

Situation: “Lucy” the horse became extremely sick, and even the highly skilled vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She was so sick, they didn’t know how she could still be alive and they suggested that her person bring someone in to assist in giving Lucy’s illness a name. Everything Lucy told us assisted her person in dealing with Lucy’s condition and making Lucy more comfortable. Three months later, Lucy was found to have Equine Grass Sickness, a rare European disease. The symptoms of the disease and the way Lucy initially described how she felt matched up perfectly, and shortly thereafter, Lucy started to regain her health.
Not long after that, I helped Lucy and her very pregnant stable mate, Samantha, complete a cross-country move from California to Michigan. While on the road, this required twice daily conversations with the two in order to monitor their well-being. Both arrived safely after re-scheduling rests and rigging needs based on communications from both animals. Lucy showed her love and zest for life for two more years until her passing and is still with Kimberlee in spirit helping her with her new farm and horse family. Samantha her foal Journey, and new foal Tobin, are enjoying their life in Michigan.
“Paula has become a constant in my life. A month after arriving in Michigan, my Corgi, Indy, passed away and Paula spoke with him the day before and the day after. Paula has an amazing gift to be able to connect to the soul of an animal and to talk with them and bring comfort to both the animal and the owner. She is a blessing to all animals that she comes in contact with giving them a voice. I know she will remain a part of our family for as long as we are here.”
Kimberlee,  Grand Haven, Michigan

Situation: Prepare “Cassie” the cat for a cross-country move from Florida to Arizona.  The communication made the cat less fearful of the change, giving her a better opportunity to calmly move and adjust to her new home. (Cassie recently has moved along with her person to Boulder, CO again with more ease due to a communication before her move!)
“Paula couldn’t have possibly known about most of the move activities and information she gave me, but she was right on the mark. Cassie did wonderfully on the move from Jacksonville to Phoenix. Even before the flight, she didn’t panic like she normally would. And after she arrived, she was fairly calm. I thought Paula did a fantastic job and I greatly appreciate all she has done for me and Cassie.
Two thumbs up!”
Paula, Scottsdale, AZ

Situation: “Rasta” the cat was in intensive care with acute pancreatitis. I spoke with him daily and performed energy work after each conversation. A very strong love bond between Rasta and his person developed that helped enable his healing.  Once home, he fell ill again. Both energetic and telepathic reads helped reveal a dangerous, new condition. The owner convinced the vet to do an abdominal scan, which uncovered irritable bowel syndrome. Now on a restricted diet, Rasta is happy and living at home with his brother and family.
“I think Paula helped save Rasta’s life. She certainly helped save my sanity during an extremely trying time. She was also able to explain the necessity of the feeding tube to Rasta so he didn’t pull it out during the 6 weeks we needed to feed him with it. She’s an angel.”
Pat, Long Island, NY

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