“My love is to connect folks who search for soul connections with their pets. 
My gift is the heart touching moment of pure tears of joy as two hearts meet!”

At The Heart of Conversation, it is my honor to serve clients who cherish and deeply care for their fur folks. To help you to feel, talk to, know the needs, bond and connect to the heart of your pet. To receive messages of the unconditional love given by your pet is priceless. I believe in giving both fur and non-fur folks deep respect, empathy, detailed, on time, kind, confidential, and on target to what is being asked to be discovered and healed.

My promise is to hold you and your fur folk in the most loving, kind, and objective way possible during our time together.


When is a Heart Talk helpful?
• "Checking in" with your pet deepens your bond and love connection to your pet.
During change or “shift”: Help comfort and give your pet safety during any type of change.
• Behavioral / emotional issues: Find and treat the cause of old or new unbalanced behavior.
• Rescue & abandonment issues: Heal and understand fears of being “left behind”.
• Physical illness or trauma: Know needs, comfort during times of “dis-ease” or past hurts.
• Preparing for transition: Share your love during “goodbyes” with grace and heart.
• After transition: Touch your fur folk’s heart, give your love and receive their love messages.
• And, many more situations!

I work with clients in the United States and around the world both “remote” and in person.

A Heart Conversation Is More Than Just "Talk".
It is an exchange of pure love energy between you and your pet. A communication lets you hear, talk to, bond and know the needs of your pet. Your chance to find cause and solution as well as give your animal messages of “I hear you, I love you, I want to help you”.

My communications include both telepathic (Heart to Heart) and energetic custom scans. The telepathic read is based on your questions and info from an outline I send you. My energetic reads scan the condition of the emotional body, chakra system, and dowsing of the “outside and inside” of the body. As I do a heart to heart communication with your pet, I become quiet, open my heart and make connection. Then I "listen" and ask questions. Visuals from your pet, its "voice", and emotions are seen, heard, and felt. Pets clearly answer questions and make requests. If an animal has a physical discomfort, many times that feeling comes into my body temporarily to show me what it feels.

Remote Read:
A remote read involves the same “energy” as an in-person read, just as effective, connecting with the energy from a photo. Majority of my reads are done remotely.
There are 3 phases:
1. Gathering of information from you about your animal. I send you my "outline" to fill out that asks for your info, a bit about your pet, and your 5 questions. A color photo of your animal is also needed.
2. Actual communication with your animal. After your information, photo, and fee have been received, I schedule your read which takes an average of 3 -4 days for non-rush. The heart communication is done telepathically in private as scheduled, and not “live” over the phone.
3. Results report. I email you upon completion to schedule a time for you to call me to hear the results of the reads. You can take notes or record the phone call. I read you all the results and answer your questions. Call time is about 40 minutes per animal.

In Person Read:
Get your information “on the spot” Great process if there are influencing environmental issues.
Consists of 2 phases:
1. Gathering of information from you. We talk via the phone or email to set up a time and date for the in person read (travel expenses if any are also discussed at this time). I send you my "outline" to fill out, and request a color photo of your pet. You send back the info at least 48 hours before our scheduled meeting. I do the energy reads prior to my arrival at your home.
2. Communicating with your animal on site. My time at your home is spent doing the heart to heart telepathic communication. When the talk is complete, I go over the read with you and answer questions. Total time for at home visit is no more than 1.5 hours. Fees for travel and consultation are agreed-upon before arrival.

Group Reads:
Are available on request. Please call for a quote and description.

Animals consciously and unconsciously "stuff" their physical and emotional imbalances due to out of harmony energetic and emotional issues.

Core Energetic reads listing:
Here are some energetic practices for healing both fur AND non fur folks (call me for “people” reads)
• Dowsing (physical body) • Chakra reads (energetic body) • Flower Essence reads (emotional body)
• Alternative Method Intuitive read (finds “method” solution per client)

More in depth descriptions and for deep energetic healing sessions for either you or your fur folk involving crystal, chakra, dowsing and pendulum, please call me to discuss!


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Here’s just one of the many compliments received!

“Paula is profoundly connected to animals and comes from pure love. You will find comfort, insight, and joy working with her.”
-Laura / San Diego, CA

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