September, 2020

  Do you feel like you are being guided by your fur folk, they know something you need to know? You are correct, they all have messages right now, right here in the present moment to help us each day.

Tuning into them via a heart to heart communication or just sitting very still and listening to them with your heart / intuition and hearing the first thing you feel helps both you and your fur folk in your journey together.

There is another source, a very important source for help from animals and nature and that is to actually connect up with your Animal Spirit Guide. We all have help from our pets, and we also have guidance from our nature spirit guides that are with us 24/7. They DO show us our strengths, give us awareness, offer validations with their soul personality, purpose, and “talk”.

All you have to do is ASK for help. Go on a journey and connect up with them!

Who are the Animal Spirit Guides?
Most native / indigenous people had and have Animal Spirit Guides they have identified and rely on for guidance and wisdom. These spirit guides are often associated with the elements, compass directions, and family lineages. To go into the history of Animal Spirit Guides would take much time and many blogs!

Animal Spirit Guides come in all sizes and species. From insects (Spiders come forth to help creativity and writing projects), mammals, to amphibians (I am part of the Frog Clan!). Our Animal Spirit Guides come, teach, visit, and sometimes are with us as a lifetime “totem” or master guide to show us our life paths and strengths.

They make their home in what is called the “non ordinary” world. This world is mostly described as “under” the earth surface, not the “underworld”, it is a home under the surface, the interior of the earth.

Many times, these animal spirit guides are called Totems or Teachers.

All of the Spirit Animal Guides have purpose in giving unique messages to whomever they appear.

An Example: 
One of my Spirit Animals is the Bear. Bear and I “talk” when I need guidance, and the Bear’s teachings have to do with strength and confidence. Bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty, providing courage and a stable foundation to face challenges. When the bear shows up it could be time to stand for your beliefs or your truth. This power animal will provide for support and strength.

When you attract or call in the power of the bear totem, reflect on the qualities of inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence in yourself and how you can project them in your world.

Here are 3 books I love to access when connecting up with Animal Spirit Guides:
2 books by Stephen Farmer
: Pocket Guide to SPIRIT ANIMALS by Steven Farmer Softcover ~ Understanding Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides
Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-To-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers

Book by Sun Bear and Wabun
: The Medicine Wheel / Earth Astrology

Why connect up with an Animal Spirit Guide?

When you access, journey, talk with, bring home your animal spirit guide you expand your “help” support for all aspects of life. They actually support your efforts, give you important messages, even warnings!

You can find your purpose and your direction by doing journeys in which you make contact, get messages and teachings due to each of their purposes and strengths. Why not find out what you need to move forward, and what are your strengths in doing so?!

How do you connect up with your unique Animal Spirit Guides?
Connecting up with your Animal Spirit Guides is by visiting them in their “home”, the non ordinary world that is below what we call our “real world”. Going into the lush world of nature magic is done with a meditative journey which is guided by a person (or YOU after you learn!) who takes you down the “rabbit hole” and into this Animal Spirit World.

It is a fun and interesting journey that requires no prior experience in meditation. All you need is a curious mindset and ability to listen to a guide.
One of my workshop offerings is The Animal Spirit Guide Workshop. Check it out and sign up at my site: See a current schedule of workshops displayed.

Give me a shout via email to find out about my Animal Spirit Guide Workshop (and other classes too):

Can’t wait to take a journey with you into the “non ordinary” world of Animal Spirit Guides to see just WHO shows up and shares their magical messages!

Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Heartist / Animal Communicator / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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