February, 2021

Feeling anxious about not knowing what your pets are asking you for, on top of being “separated” from friends, community right now? Even I feel a bit lonely right now due to our “social distancing”. All I need to do to get a “lift” is to touch and pet my two fur babies, see them look at me eye to eye and feel their purrs and sweet sounds.

What is “true love”?
From my experience as an animal communicator and a purpose “finder” coach, “true love” has to do with the essence or the heart of who we are and what we are meant to do on a core soul level. Fur folks all come in with their unique purpose as do we. Nature and our pets are always showing us their hearts, their purpose, their truths…soul truths. They naturally express their connection to heart or soul and show us their truths so we can find the courage to find our own! I have found that “true love” is not necessarily romantic based…it is the expression of what we love and how we love ourselves. Speaking our truths like our animals are always talking theirs.

How do our fur loves show their purpose or love?
They ASK with their eyes, their behavior, their actions that could be soft and comfy, or may not be what we like or approve. This is what makes “us” humans anxious or nervous. WHAT is it are asking of us and from us? What are they trying to say, that feeling in your gut that tells you they need something? By talking “heart to heart” and skipping the rational “head” communications, you get the TRUTH which is based in LOVE. They ask for our help not only for physical or emotional comfort, they ask to express their jobs or purpose. There is no criticism, no judgments, nothing to fear from finding out what they want or need. Their heart messages are always based in LOVE. They ask you to “Be Mine” in many ways.

The unique “Be Mine” of how your pet finds your heart.
Each of our pets actually finds US. There is no coincidence to our being with each other. Our connections with our fur folks are the true “soul mate” connections we soooo search for with another human. I have done many reads for people about how pets do find their forever homes, the synchronism involved, the timing, the “coincidences” which are not coincidences at all.

A good example of this is with my own cat Makana. He literally “found me” through a friend who insisted that I go along to a cat show with her. I was watching over my cat Rocky due to his being very ill from an incurable tumor and now at the end of his life. I had the deep feeling that Rocky wanted me to go to this venue and look for a “friend”…I was not in the mood. Rocky had sent me a dream the night before that showed me in a van with my two friends, cat carrier in hand. Long story short, I arrived at the cat show and there was this little kitten sitting still in the midst of a bunch of kittens just staring at me and following me as I walked by. I heard a voice saying “It’s me, I love you.” He immediately stole my heart. Very “un-kitten” like. I knew I had to bring this kitten home. Truth is, Makana was meant to be with both Rocky and I at this important time. Makana had purpose to be with me and with Rocky. Rocky “found” Makana, and then Rocky guided me to Makana. The last thing I planned on doing was to find a new fur love that day. When the two met, Rocky took all of his strength to lift up and lick the kitten Mak on the forehead and Mak licked him In return. Makana, this tiny kitten,  settled in, slept and stayed with Rocky for the next 3 days until Rocky passed peacefully.

True love between Rocky and Makana, and between all three of us. Mak came to help Rocky pass and to help me with my sorrow. Now Mak is a teacher talking with my students, showing them his truths and encouraging others to talk heart to heart…how to “Be Mine”.

The purpose for this story: Get out of your head and listen with your heart.
I followed my heart to connect with another heart, meant to be soul to soul partner with this fur folk. My “gut” said “go”, my mind said “no”. So glad I listened and acted with my heart. AND, my purpose is to ignite hearts which includes my own. Purpose = True Love.

Give me a call to find out just “how” you can experience connection with your pet’s purpose, needs, and teachings.  I offer private coaching / teaching, and communication consultations that will indeed help you see, feel and experience the True Love connections with your pet and nature. You get the extra bonus that also opens the door for you to KNOW your own purpose and TRUTHS.

Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


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Paula Brown
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“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”


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