How to help calm any moving experience.

May, 2017


According to many studies the act of changing households of moving to a new place and space is ranked to be the second highest stressful activity of life for us human folks. That goes double for our fur loves!

The stress of a household move is absorbed by our pets, totally. We have a deep partnership relationship with our pets who are much more sensitive to change than we seem to be. They actually send us much of their own energy during the time we spend finding a new home, packing up, saying goodbye to not only our homes but our “hood”, friends, and frequented places. Into the “new” seems to be over the top with fierce deadlines, condensed planning, contract legalize, changes left and right. All that emotional drain our animals absorb 100% to help us through the transition.

Moves are major energy (emotional and physical ) drains for our fur folks. There are ways we can help them with this stress of ours and get them and us from point A to point B. I know…I given many reads before and after moves. AND, I have moved many times and am presently in the midst of a major change of address.

Some tips for calming moving from home to home.
My cats are now in the “oops”, all these boxes mean something other than my person providing me with play options. The move I am making includes placing my two fur loves in a small room safe and sound with a big sign on the door of “Do not open, cats inside” while the moving truck is loaded. Before that point, there are things one can do to calm both themselves and their fur loves.
When you are stressed, your fur folks are double stressed. Talk with them at least 2 months out before you move…actually TELL them what is going on, where you are going, when, why. Talk it out load or hire a communicator!

  1. Be aware of YOUR energy drain. Connect up with your pets at least once a day, keep that walk schedule for you and them. Keep feeding schedule without fail. IF POSSIBLE, keep their sleeping and eating places intact during all the packing. When you arrive at your new location, establish their bed and food spots immediately. The point is to keep some “normal” thing going for you and them. By connecting up with hugs, pets, and together things, you boost both of your energy.
  2. If you are requiring a new car travel experience for cats or dogs. Do at least 3 trial runs around the block to see how they respond. Get the proper safe car carrier for your animals, and a harness at all times…yes, esp. for cats. Find out if your pet gets car sick…many do! The majority of lost animals happen during moves. If an animal is not secure in a cage at all times, it panics, runs, then not so great things happen. If overnight in a hotel. DO NOT LET THE MAID OR CLEANING STAFF IN. Always keep your animal in a travel cage as you sleep…with proper water and bathroom. Cats especially can get inside bed frames, escape through what you would consider a mouse hole!
  3. USE FLOWER ESSENCES! The emotional body is super drained during moves. Both you and your pets can be so helped with a few flower essences. A good custom read by a communicator or energy healer would be advisable. In general there are essences that calm during change. Walnut is actually for change, Honeysuckle is for homesickness and loss, Olive is for exhaustion, Larch is for confidence (and courage!), Hornbeam is for birth and rebirthing, Star of Bethlehem is for physical or emotional trauma, and good old Rescue Remedy is for calming of stress. Animals need to have essences diluted…so send me a note and I will send you a doc telling you how to mix and dilute…it is easy! BOTH you and your fur love take these essences at least 2 times a day and at least two weeks before a move and after.
  4. Of course if you are flying with animals check very in advance about how and when you can fly with your pets…there are strict restrictions for their safety.

There are many more things you can do to ease your move. Most important is that you are aware of how you are acting…that is how your animal is taking the stress in as well. They are little mirrors and both you and they can become drained quickly emotionally and physically during a move.

In the long run, your stuff is just “stuff”. The most important things in a move are your own health, safety, as well as your fur loves…the living things that love you unconditionally also need to be treated with extra loving care, softly cushioned during a move.

Bon voyage and give me a ring…animals understand a move and are more calmed if you take the time and effort to communicate with them. Most of the time, their message to you is to get calm as well!

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