Stay at home vacations for your fur folks!

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April, 2015

(Includes option of fur folk help with “packing”)

It’s springtime and the classic time for folks to start traveling, going on adventures, searching for some R&R. When you have fur loves, those vacation plans have an extra responsibility to accommodate your pets as you find your own spaces and places. This article is about “what to do” if you have to leave your fur folks at home as you travel.

You need some “rest from it all”, a nice break from the routine and everyday. That can cause a bit of stress for your pets as you say “bon voyage”. They very much need to know where you are going, doing, when you are leaving and when you are coming home to them! Trust me, they miss you and they miss their normal routines.

The very BEST thing you can do is to keep your pets in their familiar home environment as you travel. Some fur folks are OK with boarding at great kennels, pet holiday place. If you are already taking your dog (not cat!)  at a regular schedule to a day care situation, and the facility offers “overnights”…then they are used to this space and that is wonderful for vacation time for both of you. If your fur folk is used to just their home sweet home, then you really would do best by having them stay at home with a professional pet sitter coming to your aid!

Pets do get lonely, they miss you, and their routines…here are a few tips on what to look for when getting some help in to take care of your fur folks as you leave!

1. INTERVIEW: Get your pet and person together, see if the chemistry is fine before you hand over your key and loved one. Spend time with your helper…even if you have used their services before. Things change for both animal and helper…make sure all are AOK with each other and you too!

2. LISTS: Make sure your “helper” is a pro with animals…or if you have a friend coming over to help with food and walks, cat boxes, playtime, etc…make sure these folks show up on YOUR timeline, your outline. Be specific on when to come, when to walk…when to feed, how to feed,…this is your pet’s schedule that needs to be honored. Make two lists for your helper. First a list with YOUR away information of “where you are”, how to get a hold of you, emergency numbers, when you are coming home, and where all the important switches, codes, shut offs, to your home for the “just in case” stuff.  The second list is YOUR PET’S needs; food and amounts, extra supplements, brushing, petting, playing, habits, toys, beds, locations to “find” them if they are shy fur folks. Where and when they like to walk, what they love and what they fear. All the vet info as well, AND, give them an official sign off for them to take your love in for help if need be. Call your vet and tell them you are leaving for a bit and “so and so” are in charge of your pet…give them a name!

3. ASK FOR A WRITTEN SHORT REPORT EACH DAY: Your helper needs to jot down some notes for you while you are away…quick notes on feeding, walking, cat box stuff, pet “attitudes”, etc. And, if you wish…ask them for a mid vacation note, text, email on “how things are going.

4. FLOWER ESSENCES HELP: There are many uses for calming separation, loneliness, anxiety, mild depression, and just plain “missing you” emotions that you can employ for your pet as you leave. A custom “read” for what is needed is great due to you can get exactly what your pet will need to be a bit more comfortable while you are gone.  If you can not do a read here are some suggestions: Honeysuckle (used for homesick fur folks), Rescue Remedy (in general stress reducer), Walnut (helps with “changes”), Star of Bethlehem (used for trauma). If you use essences…they need to be diluted for your fur folk. Give me a shout and I will send you the simple directions!

5. TELL YOUR PETS WHAT YOU ARE DOING: Final but most important tip. Animals need to be informed of where, when, and what you are doing…from day trips to month long journeys. And, they need to know if they are being boarded, staying at home, who is coming over, etc. You can have your own conversation with them…just talk. Let them know at least a month in advance, then remind them every day for at least a week before you leave. LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE COMING BACK…AND WHEN! You can also hire an animal communicator to tell about your plans and ask what they need to feel comfy about your leaving them for a bit. Works like a charm!

We all need to take a break, visit our friends, have some “downtime”…just make sure your fur folks get the same break by good care, backed up by good information given from you before departure. Then upon your return have some fun letting them help you “unpack”.

Be sure to give me a call if you wish to communicate your plans to your fur loves…would love to be of help to you both for comfort, joy, and good times!

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