September, 2013


You have your “job”, your purpose, your responsibilities, and so does your fur folk! Your pet definitely has “purpose” and sometimes a serious mission.

Our pets actually find us, rather than the other way around. They are born with specific meaning and find those that do need what they have to offer. Vida (above) has the job of “greeter” at a natural pet food store! Ever wonder why your dog or even cat is always by your side, putting itself between you and those that walk by or come into your home? That is because its job may be to “guard” you, your home, and your family. It is unreasonable to expect that certain breeds of animals have overall “jobs” like shepherds are to strictly be serious guard dogs ONLY. There are many other jobs that this breed can have like being a good companion to children, showing calm at all times which calms others, etc. Each animal has a specific job and purpose just like we all do!

We all have a unique gift or purpose and so do our animals. In my many communications I have helped people understand or verify their animal’s jobs. And, many healings of emotional and behavioral out of balance behavior has happened when an animal’s much needed job is assigned or recognized. For instance, there was a dog that became unable to do its job of being a playmate for its people’s children. When this job became impossible due to an aging body the dog became listless and depressed. As its person found a great new job for the dog of being the “greeter” at the door for all who came in, the dog’s spirit and joy came back as he did his new job.

Some animals come to show beauty for their people. To be an example of beauty to its person is considered a job by them as much as an animal whose job is to show strength and courage.

Other animals have deep missions to serve and improve the lives of those physically and emotionally challenged. To be life lines, to save lives. These animals sometimes act out physically in negative ways in HAVING a mission and not being able to act on it.

Pay attention, is there an animal in your life that is intent on doing something and keep “asking” you to let them do something? All you have to do is ask them.

When an animal is being kept from its purpose, job, or mission, emotional and physical imbalances can occur. The animal can become frustrated, depressed, out of balance, unfulfilled…causing their people and environment to also suffer from anxiety, misunderstanding, and possible costly home repairs due to not so great behaviors.

One of the most important questions you can ask an animal communicator to ask their pet is “What is your job, your purpose?” Asking this one question can lead to the answers to many issues or items that have been misunderstood or in need of acknowledgement. This is the big “Aha” moment for you and a deep reward of knowing for both you and your pet.

We are all connected, we all have purpose, we all need to feel part of solutions, and give our strengths, our gifts to all around us. Our animals are part of this as well and come to give you benefit of their strengths, their gifts.

My conclusion is that it is your job to ask what your animal’s job is…then helping them do what they came to do for you and yours…or even for your larger community and others.

I’m Paula Brown; animal communicator / author / feng shui practitioner, I “unstick stuck” energies. With my telepathic and energetic modality talents I bring both pets and their people back into balance and joy by discovering the heart or core of an out of balance health, emotional, and environment issue. Healing the “cause” is my passion to ignite understanding, love, abundance and harmony for my clients.

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