The gift of “getting” attention: Your pet’s energy flow!

November, 2019

In Hawaiian Huna there is one principle that states “Where attention goes, energy flows”. This is certainly a well followed behavior for our pets in how they “show up” and how they “show us”!  

Where is energy flowing for you and your pet? Most of the times behavioral challenges get your full attention, and are a sure sign of a blockage of some sort of energetic flow in a pet. “Attention” getting maneuvers by fur folks are found in eating behavior, demanding constant company (attention!), physical or voice attack for no reason, and obsessive cleaning or chewing on body or environment most likely spring from some sort of “energetic” block or “dis-ease of the emotional or physical body.

Pets call us to be attentive to them for great reasons, letting you know what is working and what is not…so please pay attention and get some good energy into flow. Find what is “in flow” and what is not. YES, your job is to find solutions to get the stuck energy back into good flow.

Being a dowser and chakra worker, I see that energy blocks or stagnations in either emotional or physical body does reflect the physical condition and behavioral imbalances to a literal “T”!

When you enter a cluttered home, you are actually being “blocked’ by the clutter, you get out of focus almost immediately. The energy of that home is blocked from flowing smoothly so our animals and we humans really feel it and become uncomfortable, unfocused, and not wanting to be in that “stuck space.” When I feng shui a home or environment, I find if there are pets in the house, they stay far away from “stuck energy” zones You can always learn a lot from the resident fur folks!

Put your attention on the good things happening in your world and that too will telegraph to your pets! Attention to finding the cause of “stuck” flow is your goal in finding a solution to getting both you and your pet back into harmony. Pets are constantly showing you where their attention is, where their “flow” is.

Time for you to be attentive to finding out the flow and stuck of your pet both emotionally and physically!
Harmony in any living thing is reflected in the flow of energy from the chakra (those energy transmitter centers up and down the spine) system, in the energy paths of the acupuncture meridians, the entire physical (bones, muscle, tissue, circulatory, organs, etc.) body, and the emotional “body” that wraps around an individual’s physical body.

Energy flow is connected to EVERYTHING. Is your pet reflecting harmony or “stuck”? Where is your pet’s attention or focus? Are you or your pet in harmony or not? Lots of animals that “attack first” are quite unprovoked, and are showing us their attention is most likely focused on fear or false defense, to protect when there is no threat. Unfortunately, the “defensive” attack causes an equal flow of attack…so the behavior is validated and continued. Find out what is not flowing in your pet, get the flow going with pros that can help! Vets, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, communicators, energy healers / dowsers…and more, can help you and them get vital energy focused and flowing!

Put your energy into paying attention.
So, Energy flows where attention goes is also true! Time to focus your attention on how your pet is getting your attention. Love them for the harmony they are naturally in, and help them get back to harmony where love is needed.  Ask your pet what it is feeling, why it is “doing” certain not so great (or great!) things by talking with your pet via an animal communication and energy read. So important to find focus and positive ways to help you and them get back into “flow”!

Be well and aloha,

Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Animal Communicator / Heartist / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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