Perks from your pets! The Gift of Heart.

October, 2019

What is a Heart gift? It is when you look at your pet and you relax, smile, and know you are loved unconditionally. Love, pure love, no matter what you do, their heart speaks their love to you and your heart. Your pet makes your heart smile!

It’s an inside job…straight from the heart.
Animals “speak” from their heart. Infants and small children receive and talk from their heart before they learn “grown up” language. Majority of people speak from their heads and have ignored “heart” messages for many years. Now, more and more people are connecting back to their own heart essence, nature, or gut. Scientists call the “gut” the 2nd brain. For animals this is the direct “brain” from which all communications come from. The first thing that comes into your head…and NOT processed or rationalized…is the heart communications from nature, pets, people. Trust it! This is heart speak…can you feel it, hear it, listen to the connection that is always being sent from all of nature.

True story: My cat Rocky was a Heart healer.
I have a cat who is no longer in the physical who while he was “here”, knew hearts so well, the energy that healed, he was my and other’s heart healer. He still is “helping” from the other side, I feel him now as he helps me help others. Rocky actually calmed people when their heart was racing, and energetically connected people to their own physical and emotional heart. Amazing to watch people’s shoulders drop, get calm, breath deep, relax and realize that they were safe in the present moment. His eyes looked straight into a heart and calmed. What a gift he had, and his spirit is showing me constantly that that love never passes, just transforms into bigger love!

We are all connected to the heart of EVERYTHING!
Your pet is talking to you 24/7 via its heart…a language of purpose and love. Messages that tell us YES, we are all connected. What we think, do, feel, are all communicated to our animals and environment. Is your pet asking you to find more joy in your life?

Here’s some typical Heart Gifts from your animal:
1. When you pet or play with your pet, you connect with your own present moment, a moment blessed with love and being here and now with what is important…love.

2. Your pet will sit beside or on top of an injury…the gift is from their heart, their essence or energy is helping you heal faster, taking the pain on themselves sometimes, soothing your condition with their heart love!

3. Pets push our buttons by revealing the truth of both you and them! What is your pet’s behavior saying? Is it a heart message to clean up your act? Is it a heart gift to BE WITH them and no just doing, doing, doing?

4. Sit and listen to your animal, they are BEING who they are meant to be, and are always true to their purpose, their heart essence. Watch them, accept the first message that comes to your gut, without question, that is their heart gift to you!!!

Our pets come to us to give us the gifts from their hearts…open up your heart and accept them. Do an animal communication on your own or give me a call to do an official heart to heart communication to begin your heart journey. Heart to heart connection is their gift they are giving, the pure essence of who they are, pure heart love…enjoy!

Be well and aloha,


Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Animal Communicator / Heartist / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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