The little ones DO mesmerize and amaze

May, 2014


Are you under the spell of a new little fur life? Springtime energy is flowing from all the little new fur folks coming into the world. Kitten and puppy season is in full swing. With this new life comes endless energy, the “chi” of play and discovery. For the little ones, play is the way they not only develop their bodies, it is the way they learn about their environment, their homes, their people.

What I am experiencing right now is the spell of “kitten energy”. Kitten energy is way different than “cat” energy. My new kitten Rumi (the wizard above) now resembles a whirly dervish or rather cartoon Tasmanian devil at the moment. My year and a half old Makana cat is currently perched on most tall ledges and surfaces high above ground to observe, be out of reach, and maintain his dignity it seems. After helping many introduce new energy packed little fur folks into their home and family…and now going through this myself…here are a few tips to enjoy the new little ones (using “kitten hood”) in regards to having an older fur love to think about:

  1. Make sure that both newcomer and existing pets are clear of diseases, take the new one to your vet, get all checked out and a clean bill of health. Check for fleas, parasites, and other disease…you will thank yourself by being very thorough with this process!
  2. CARRY THE LITTLE ONE AROUND WITH YOU TO GET THEM KNOWING THEIR SPACE! By doing this, you bond with the little one and also lets the older pet see that you love this new one too!
  3. Older cats also do like to play…they sometimes do not know their strength…so until they get used to the little kitten capabilities be sure to watch them as they play as they are getting acquainted. Sometimes a “time out” with both being separated can work wonders if things get a bit intense.
  4. Keeping the little one in a controlled space separate from an older animal as they eat will be good for a brief time so that each can enjoy their food, get their specific nutrients, and also get YOUR love and attention at the time of eating.
  5. Give some alone time to your older pet…just you and them. Space and time separate from the new little one that you enjoy with your existing pet is vital to let your older fur folk know that they are loved and still your “number one”.
  6. Letting both meet each other in their “own time” is best. You can introduce the new little one by offering nose to nose as you hold the small one…use your instincts…guard each, and do it without “jailing” one or the other. Keeping a space between them at times, but not separating with walls, doors, etc. due to your own fears. They are naturals at finding ways to accept each other…let them be with each other (of course with your watchful eye)!
  7. Some good flower essences to consider are beech, honeysuckle, rescue remedy to introduce to all (including you!) so all can harmonize with each other.

Hope this helps…and happy kitten, puppy, baby bird fun to all! Let the good play flow!

I’m Paula Brown; Feng Shui practitioner / author / Animal Communicator, I “unstick stuck” energies. With my telepathic and energetic modality talents I bring both pets and their people back into balance and joy by discovering the heart or core of an out of balance health, emotional, and environment issue. Healing the “cause” is my passion to ignite understanding, love, abundance and harmony for my clients.

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