March, 2014


Gung Hay Fat Choy. Happy Chinese New Year of the Green Horse! The new moon of January 31, 2014 marked a brand new year bringing with it the strong positive energy (a favored animal of the Chinese) of the horse.  Powerful and competitive, this will be a quick paced and spirited year. 

Take a quick look at the horse! It is a herd animal, competition within the herd for the most capable lead mare for the herd’s highest good and survival. Once the lead mare is established the herd moves quickly to find its needs of food, water and safe shelter. In the wild, when a horse strays from the herd it usually perishes…partnerships and family are crucial for survival. If startled, a horse will run until it can no longer run, and has a stubborn sense of “never giving up, never giving in”. Horses are beautiful and love to “show” their beauty and are also very friendly and loyal to their families and partnerships. They are known for their quick and precise body language as well as their independence and want for freedom.

What does a horse “not like”? They do not like constraint, and when they are penned in can become fierce, snorting and kicking, easy to anger. They run without thinking where they are going, and have stubborn streaks that keep them from learning.

The year of the Green Horse…will reflect the qualities of the horse. A new year filled with “partnering up” and competition for the good of all. Positive friendships that are strong and loyal…along with in the “moment” spurts of heated frustrations when things don’t move fast enough! The key to this year is to make decisions based on solid knowledge and quickly, If you are to lead, then lead, if not, follow, and keep up with the “herd”…act quickly, don’t fall behind. Avoid gossip…year of the horse people can sometime talk too much and not deeply. Find your own herd and be heard with truth and meaning! This is a year to move in positive energy, in straight lines, with strong intent (last year, the year of the Snake was a winding path!). Be careful with your investments…this year you have to look to see if things are “substantial”, worthwhile (Could be a wooden “Trojan” horse). If you decide to do something, do it with your FULL heart or do not do it…all in or all out!

In Feng Shui land…this is a good year to strengthen, form and respect family and community. Wood is the element of Family / Community with Green as the gua’s color. A good thing to do is to amp up the chi in this section of your home or business. If you have a horse, be sure to take care of its legs (its foundation #4), give it ample love and nutrition (it needs its “greens”)…and a powerful year to apply some feng shui magic to its stall!

A horse is happy when it is living “full on”…be careful about overdoing it this year, pace yourself, get some rest, don’t run 'til you die. Patience, power, moving forward with positive energy, are all available for us to this New Year of the Green Horse!

I’m Paula Brown; animal communicator / author / feng shui practitioner

I “unstick stuck” energies. With my telepathic and energetic modality talents I bring both pets and their people back into balance and joy by discovering the heart or core of an out of balance health, emotional, and environment issue. Healing the “cause”, finding the “why”, is my passion...then to ignite understanding, love, abundance and harmony for my clients is the reward!


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