Perks from your pet: Your Pet’s “Story”, its Super Power of why they are in your life.

June, 2021

You are telling your “story” 24/7. Your fur love is also showing and telling its unique story to YOU 24/7. Our pet’s story is coming straight from their heart. Most of the time our showing and telling our story is coming from our mind or “head” rather than our hearts.

Fur Folks find you, they come into your life in a very purposeful manner…to share their unique “story” or strength of purpose with you. Their story or heart purpose is their Super Power.

With their example, they have the power to teach us our own story super power, to recognize our own unique energetic purpose and strengths we have to share.

End any sort of frustration in not knowing how to please or honor your fur love…ask them what their Super Power Story is…their purpose!

Energy makes up everything, the heart or soul energy is how and why nature “talks”.
Animals, nature, and even objects communicate from their center, soul, or heart…connecting with and by pure energy. They connect and communicate with the energy from their heart or essence, their purpose, and do not intellectualize, think through or use their “head”. They talk directly from their heart which is the original energetic language (just like what you used when you were a baby!) that naturally connects to everything and vice versa. Nature is on soul “auto energy connect” with all.

Unlike people, pets do not communicate a scripted story, any other animal’s story, or “persona”. They talk their truth, their real being…be it in harmony or not. As humans our thoughts are ignited or birthed in our intuition, our gut (our heart space). We then take that first thought and bring it up to the brain where we form words, edit, decide meanings, and most of the time reframe the truth of what our intuition is saying.

Stories become less powerful as we rationalize and edit. Are you editing your pet’s story, not hearing what they are directly telling you?

Our pets act and “speak” directly from their gut, their heart source, direct, not edited! That is why their love is unconditional, their story of why they are with you are so powerful, so emotional, so close to your own heart story.

Perks from a pet’s super power story.
All of our fur baby’s come in with definite story to help their people! They are holding some pretty powerful energy to give and share.

Some pets come in to show us how to be strong, to be beautiful, to find play and joy, so many meaningful unique purposes to help us. There is no mistake in who our animals live with…their super power stories are meant to be shared with the people they choose.

Out of harmony experiences that a pet can be having just could be a way in which they are sharing their Super Power Story to help us show compassion and love, how to give and receive, be humble, and how to live In the present moment with joy (no matter what).

Celebrate your pet’s Super Power, their Story!
ASK them why they are with you. What is their super power story…the real stuff they came to you to show you, to connect up with?

You can simply sit in silence and BE with your fur love, the first message (be it a feeling, a color, a word, a visual) you receive in your gut or heart zone…write it down! Do not bring this message up to your brain to prove, figure out, edit. Just write the message down.

I would love to help you connect heart to heart, soul to soul with your fur love to discover the heart reason they are in your life. Give me a shout:

Learn your fur baby’s essence, their story. You will gain the path to your own Super Power Story of purpose by talking with your pet…they know your purpose!

Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Heartist / Animal Communicator / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”


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