March, 2021

Work, work, work, and no play? These are times when our emotional bodies and mind may be a bit on overload! Our fur loves mirror our actions, emotions, spirit. I know my two cats are coming to sit in front of my computer DEMANDING attention now. I am off balance, my nose to the computer, and very much ignoring my and their needs to re-charge and rest.

Pay Attention…your pets are overwhelmed due to your own stress and non-harmony!
Our pets “talk” from their core, their hearts. They do not have a “head” or mind agenda like we do. They live, talk, act from their hearts directly to yours.

When WE humans are overwhelmed we shut off our hearts and go on Mind Autopilot. Thanks to “disruptions” be they physical “dis-ease” or odd emotional behavior in our pets, we have to pause, take care of them…so we can also take care of ourselves. If your pet is showing unusual extreme behavior, come into physical distress…that is a sure sign you are out of balance too!

Look at your pet, see yourself!
Are our pets mirrors of our harmony, emotions, well-being?
YES! Right here, right now, our pets are totally reflecting our thoughts, emotions, physical states. They live IN their heart space, they reflect us completely with and by their core.

Pets DO absorb our anxiety, our exhaustion, our fears, angers, frustrations, and “stuckedness”.

Take an objective view with your fur loves. Please see what is going on from deep inside, and see how you can shift your “heart” communications to the positive so both of you can get some rest, healing, physical and emotional flow. Please shift your thoughts to WHAT YOU WANT, rather than the stuff you don’t. Your pets will love you even deeper when you shift into positive thoughts in the present moment.

How can you shift into harmony right here, right now?
The key is to BE in the present moment. Take a look out of your window…spot something in nature, a tree, plant, hill, bug…they are doing well, nothing really has changed, all is good. Now stay in this present moment, look at what you are “doing” rather than “being”. Is it what you WANT to be having in your life, is it healthy, does it bring joy, respect, fulfillment? Take the first step to move into speaking, feeling, being what you need or want. This is the space our pets live in always. It is OUR anxiety, anger, fears, frustrations that bring us and our pets into non- harmony.

Reach out to get help for you and your fur love with a flower essence read that will customize getting back into harmony. I do this for folks fur and non fur. Hint: If you have a read done for your pet, this is also reflecting your needs…two for one!!

Purposefully schedule downtime from your work at a consistent time. You and your pet know when to cuddle, play, or just relax together. Commit to this schedule.

You never need to go into a “rose colored” glass or Polyanna view or fairy tale story telling. Simply tell your story in real time, real clarity, real focus…small steps the best.

Into harmony…Heart storytelling with our pets and nature.
Harmony of bridging the emotions and the mind comes from the story you are telling yourself. Are your pets really reflecting what is in your heart, or are they absorbing your mind story of fear, limitations, hate, not in the present moment? You know instinctively what you are doing, it takes pushing the “pause” button. Sometimes our pets push that button for us with crazy behavior or physical “dis-ease”.

The perks your pets give you is their example of living from their heart while residing in yours.
Give me a call to find out just “how” you can connect in real time, heart to heart, to get back into harmony NOW.  I offer private coaching / teaching, and communication consultations that will indeed help you see, feel and experience the True Love connections with your pet and nature. You get the extra bonus that also opens the door for you to KNOW your own TRUTHS.

Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


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