Perks from your pets! The gift of being in the present moment.

August, 2019

Do you find yourself racing about far into the future or stuck in the past? You may just be missing life right under your feet and all around you! Your pets are waiting for you to give yourself the gift of the present moment. They are experts at BEING…being in the present moment. Why not visit them here and now.

Pets live in the present moment, period.
All of us (pets and people) come into this world being purely “ourselves”, purpose, love of life all intact. We do have challenges along the way and we are all effected by them. Emotional and physical obstacles appear and shape our responses. Pets act this out right in front of us, and they also can find harmony from these challenges due to their being in the present moment. They shed emotions swifter than us human folks due to their being in the present! Watch them, they respond, live, love, play, work, all in the here and now. Living in the very moment is key to their survival.

Like in nature, an acorn knows it has to grow into an oak tree, no matter if a large rock is above its seedling, they just go around it and grow…and they also do not try to be an Elm tree! We humans seem to deny our “who we are”…we try to be something other than what we were meant to flow into. We do not see our present moment ME.

How animals live or regain harmony, by being in the moment.
The best example of your pet taking care of itself is when it rests or takes a break. They are actual “Chi (energy) Masters”. Look at where they like to snooze…that is their re-charge zone. They go to a safe, positive spot being a “cave” or out in the sun to soak up the shine of vitamin D. For more info about this, take a look at my book “Fur Shui. An Introduction to animal Feng Shui.” Take action and take a pause, follow your pet’s example and connect to what is in the moment all around you. Rest when you need to rest, and know what is all around you in the REAL space of now.

Ever walk a dog and it just stops? It needs to stop, so it stops, this is being in the present moment for sure. Know a cat that is picky about its food? They know what they need to be healthy, what their body needs, what is good, bad, or telling you something is not in harmony with their body or emotions. Pay attention, these are their needs right now. They are giving you the gift of taking a look at what you need, right now, what condition is your condition in NOW?

Many animals force their people to be with them in the present by actually acting up, push your buttons to listen to them and also to help you find your “ground”, your life right here, right now.

Feel what you feel right now, so says your pet!
The gift is different from each pet due to their job or purpose with you. Take some time, listen with your heart to what they have to tell you. They are direct in their response, they answer your questions right here, right now…and do not go into the future with assumptions like us humans can do.

Being in the moment is a gift, a gift of confidence, love, being safe, being open to receive good connections all around you. That is exactly what animals do…they want a “pet” they rub up against you. Your animal wants you to be who you are and in the moment. Best way to flow into service for you and your animal is to BE, then to DO.

All healing (emotional and physical) is in the present moment and in a relaxed state. Animals intuitively act and know this. To connect to life’s gift of the present moment, find out how your pet is doing in the NOW (and what message it needs to give to you to bring you into YOUR NOW), give me a shout to do an animal communication that is totally in and of the present moment for needs, healing, and harmony!

Be well and aloha,

Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Animal Communicator / Heartist / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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