Perks from your pets! The gift of doing one’s unique “job”.

July, 2019

Get the feeling that your pet has a “job”? YES, they do! They are driven by their unique path just as we all are. AND, if they cannot “do” their job or be in their purpose or mission (and some have very powerful missions), they act up both physically and emotionally. Does this sound familiar? I know I get very “off harmony”, frustrated, and anxious.

All of our pets have jobs. In my communications, I have found that pets tell their people exactly what they want or what they are already doing for their job.

Now that your pet has found you, your Job is to find out their job!
You may already know what your pet is wanting for its satisfaction and fulfillment with its job. Are you honoring this completely? It is very rewarding for both of you to acknowledge your pet’s job, reward your pet, thank your fur folk. They absolutely know why they are in your life and automatically try to do their job for you and with you. The precious perk your pet gives you is knowing why they are with you and what they are trying to show you.

Listen up, is your pet’s job something you need to do as well?
Your pet is giving you valuable information about what you can pay attention to, what you need to do to both fulfill their lives and your own. Many of my reads tell a pet’s person they are setting examples by their behavior from jobs that require “showing” their folks by performing their jobs.

Job descriptions via a fur folk perspective is all about directly demonstrating the skills they have to help and or improve their people’s lives. All are different and speak to their people’s need to become aware of showing beauty, self-care, strength, honesty, loyalty, protection, to mention just a few.

A story of purpose and mission in a fur folk “job”.
I was honored to do a communication for a person who was at the end of their patience with a show horse who constantly was rubbing her daughter off the saddle against the arena wall. The horse’s person wanted to find out why this was happening and was about to sell the horse. The communication revealed that the horse had a “mission” and was not willing to do anything but that mission. Its mission or job was to help handicapped kids with their confidence and to find joy! My client broke into tears and mentioned there was a child confined to a wheelchair in her neighborhood that she would bring to the stables. Before you knew it, the horse was happy, of service, and now it is a therapy horse for children. All is good for people and animal, healing all around due to honoring this horse’s mission and job!

Find out how you can help yourself by finding out what your pet’s job is. Your pet naturally gives you huge perks of growth, fulfillment, calm, and love just by doing its job.

Be well and aloha,


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