Perks from your pets: Your Pet’s Messages of unconditional “I care”!

April, 2020

Feeling the pain of being “separate” of being isolated, alone, especially now during our “social distancing time”? Now, more than ever we are being comforted by our fur folks.  Why are we so comforted and attached to our pets? Because our fur loves do unconditionally say they CARE about us!

There are huge healing and all-encompassing benefits of saying you “care”. This one statement of “I care” saves people, brings them into human partnership, touched by love, and inclusivity. Saying “I care.”, what pets give automatically, is so simple yet so important for us all to offer both fur and non-fur folks. Hearing the words “I CARE” has actually saved many folks from deep depression as well as suicide. It is so important to know someone cares!

One of the biggest perks from our pets is this one main thing, they let us know they care for us. No matter how we act, what we look like, or where we are. Being right next to a fur folk now is so important for both of you! Fur Folks, our pets pick up on our emotions, fears, desires, and absorb this energy we are sending out into their physical and emotional bodies. Always taking care to be of help to us, even if we are unaware. Shift your thoughts to “positive”, and you can shift your health and their well-being too!

How does an animal show it cares?
They all have “jobs” with us, the reason why they indeed found each of us. Biggest part of their job is to support us, to show us how important it is to care about sharing heart to heart love and communications.

Have you noticed those long soulful looks your fur folk gives you? Those “looks” communicate deep love, concern and wanting to be of help to you. An excited greeting at the door, a paw placed on your thigh, a long purr and rub up against your leg, and that warm sleeping embrace while sharing your lap to relax.

They interrupt our days with bright antics, showing off their unique personalities with both serious and frivolous activities. Who else can make a simple box or a ball of foil into an enjoyable activity for hours on end. Fur Folks show us creativity and how we may also want to say “hello” and to ask our inner child to come out to imagine and create.

They also take you for walks, give you exercise, give you a routine to follow for meal time, exercise, and play. We all need schedules, routines, and our fur loves are there waiting for us to show them you care for them as well. Great teachers for schedules and keeping your heart promises.

Sometimes it’s just the simple act of saying you care.
Yes, you are cared for, you are valuable, you are loved. That is the message you get from your pets, from nature, and need to give to each other right now!

Animals “say” they care unconditionally, 24 /7 and 365 days a year, in their own heart language to our hearts…it’s pure LOVE, we feel it intensely. That is why we love them so deeply.

What would it be like to really TALK to your pet, actually hear from their heart and tell them heart to heart how much you care about them? YOU CAN, it is something we do all the time, we just do not realize it!

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Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Heartist / Animal Communicator / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”

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