Perks from your pets: Reap the Magic of Heart Connections!

February, 2020

Are you frustrated because you feel you have no “magic” in your life? Lacking marvel, wonder or charm in connections to others and your own passion or lives? Most of us do suffer from separation or lack of magic these days! TRUTH: our animals are not “separate” from magic. They connect, receive and give “magic” via their “heart” 24/7.

What is magic?
Magic is really just how things “work” yet does not have an empirical or scientific explanation. It’s what I always call “finding the extraordinary from the ordinary”. Magic happens when what we consider or label ordinary, when looked at closely are really found to be quite extraordinary. We tend to “pass over” our most magical connections we already “know” in our gut because we cannot see, or show ourselves and others, in our everyday way of thinking which is our accepted realities.

Not the case with animals. They follow and connect with their heart at all times. Because we can’t measure or “see” these energetic contacts, we may call them “magical” connections, communications, and empathetic behavior that serves and is felt by the animal and everything in their surroundings. Animals are connected to their purpose in all they do…they know magic because they do not “think” about connecting, they just connect because that is how they naturally fit into nature and place.

 Animals connect with the extraordinary in everything, 24/7!
The magic animals bring to us is simply the natural connections and flow they have with us and nature. This comes from their heart and not head (as most humans make connections). There is magic in the smallest connection made with a knowing paw on a lap, a silent and loving stare, and a loud warning bark or meow. They are connection magicians and what I call “chi masters”. Everything they do, say, and receive is energy.  Energy (something the mind cannot see, yet the heart feels) is the thread that connects heart to heart, or the essence of “thing to thing”. When I use my black hat feng shui “tools” to help heal environments and beings, I find that the animals living in the home or environment are also doing “magic” with the energies that already live in a space or being. They move and use energy or “chi” (as the Chinese call energy) that makes up our world.  

How do animals perform their magic for us?
Pets and nature all flow with magic I call heart to heart talk. They have deep focus and purpose just like us humans, yet they go directly into the flow of that purpose or intent with all they do and are. Ever wonder how your pet knows just what you need, be it a fur hug, unique lessons down to even helping with seeing, walking and talking? They know their own magic or purpose. It is the same thing that a small acorn follows its purpose intent to grow into an oak. Never does an acorn grow into a Willow…its magic is its own purpose of becoming an Oak.

Pets have their own purpose or job to be with you. Are you seeing their magic, their ordinary activities that are really quite extraordinary?

Pause, listen, look, feel…and you will experience heart magic.
Your pet’s magic is always there. Are you just passing it over because it is not defined as you are used to experiencing things? Pause and observe the amazing beings and connections all around you including your pet’s “voice” and guidance. Here are a few tips:
              1. You must be relaxed…so take a few deep breaths and just STOP, pause from your daily routine and sit and just “be” with your animal or pet. What do you feel from them? Softly ask your pet to give you a sign or message to confirm your “hunch”. Jot down (don’t edit!!!) in a journal whatever comes up…it is them talking with you! Magic.
             2. Sit and focus on one thing you notice in a room or your environment. Really look at it…look into it, feel it, see it from outside to inside. You will find there are things you have never noticed about that paper clip, chair, rug, wall, pen, or whatever you are observing. It is magically connected to its use, purpose, function. Even a beautiful flower has and shines its own magic called beauty. Contemplate that! Magic.
             3. Bring along a pad and pen, go for a walk in nature (your ‘nature” could be a busy city street!), listen and hear all the noises of connections…make a note of the wind connection to the leaves, the buzz of a bee connecting to its journey, the chirp of a bird saying there is a human here, and the crunch of the earth beneath you. Nature is connected to each other in a web of process from birth to decomposition. You and nature are connected heart to heart, your essence, your purpose in being here. What have you taken for granted, deemed ordinary that really is quite extraordinary and touches your heart, your inner being? Again, Magic.

The extraordinary magic of your animal’s connection to you.
Yes, the connections are magic…you cannot “see them” or empirically prove them. Yet, there are amazing big and small heroic connections every day that animals make with each other and to you.

The perks your pets give you is the magic of connecting with your heart. Are you aware of what your pet is giving to you? My advice is to get to know and honor the magic of heart connections…this magic is the REAL in our reality…the natural magic given by love, sacrifice, beauty, peace and joy offered by true heart to heart magical connections.

Give me a call to find out just “how” you can experience connection and communication magic with your pet. I have online classes (, private coaching / teaching, and communication consultations that will indeed help you see, feel and experience the magic of heart talk connections with your pet and nature. You get the extra bonus that also opens the door for you to KNOW your own purpose or magical nature! That’s magic!

Be well, in gratitude, and aloha,


Paula Brown
The Heart of Conversation
Animal Communicator / Heartist / Author
“Fur Shui. An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.”


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