The Power of Pine!

September, 2014


Earlier this year, I enjoyed soaking up the energies of nature in Cambria, CA (That’s me by a very wise Montery Pine)! Takes a lot of energy to “shift”…and shift has happened bringing my new business Chi-Lightful to life. I reach for Pine when I need a boost. It is an essence for both fur and non fur people to use to boost self acceptance, release of self-criticism (…ie: “Why the heck have I not done this biz for years already”…for animals…trying toooo hard in agility, skills, etc…relax already!), and freedom to move forward. Find your flow with Pine!

Now is a great time to access the “power of pine” for our shorter days and the oncoming changes during the holidays. The “ah” of pine for both fur and non-fur folks is great! Pine is used as an aromatherapy and aroma therapy…enjoy the peace and power of pine this season.

Here’s a “people” affirmation using Pine:
I allow my shortcomings to be a part of me.
I learn and live. I understand and forgive.
I see new possibilities.
I find freedom and move forward.

Anyone else enjoy Pine, Pine trees, Pine Cones?

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