July, 2014


Everyday is a “work day” for our pets. They have specific purpose, and even “missions”. Like an acorn grows into an oak tree…animals trust their “flow” and know exactly what they are “to do” as well as what to bring to their people’s lives.

There are many books published showing animals “at work”.  All those cats, dogs and other animals that adopt business spaces as “shop guards” and helpers. Pictured is Vida who acts as “Dexter’s deli’s” (Holistic animal store) greeter…the dog of the shop’s education co-coordinator. She loves to greet both fur and non-fur folks, mediates peace in all the crowds who come and go at the shop.

Our pets also come in to act as the guardians of our hearts and homes with their unconditional love and behavior. They lovingly and fiercely guard our children, serve pets and people that are disabled, and show us how to be beautiful and be strong!

Many of my communications uncover these jobs or purposes. Our pets want us to know they are here to be of help and positive example and support. Horses express their purpose to show their people how to sit up straight and be confidant, to excel at and “show” pride for one’s talents. Missions such as to help mentally and physically challenged children find confidence and joy. Those service dogs are on a very important “mission”…and they know it!

Dogs and cats come with jobs to inspire one to stand up for one’s ideas and beliefs. Birds have communicated about their jobs to show loyal love and foster confidence in their people by their example.

Most important, they want to tell their people they come into life with specific “jobs” that help their people grow, find harmony and flow, and experience comfort and love. They just KNOW why they are here. At times an animal will find another person who can benefit from their purpose and move into a neighbors home or down the street to another home to exercise that purpose!

Do you know what your pet’s purpose is? They certainly do, and they love the opportunity to tell you exactly “why” they come into your life. “Listen” to your animal and you will find out what they are teaching you, what their job is by seeing their actions, hearing their heart, and realizing their unique love!

Get flowing from your heart to find their heart’s “job”, you may just find out what your heart is asking YOU to give to the world!

I’m Paula Brown; Feng Shui practitioner / author / Animal Communicator, I “unstick stuck” energies. With my telepathic and energetic modality talents I bring both pets and their people back into balance and joy by discovering the heart or core of an out of balance health, emotional, and environment issue. Healing the “cause” is my passion to ignite understanding, love, abundance and harmony for my clients.

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