Perks from your pets! The gift of stress management.

June, 2019

Are you constantly stressed, drained, “on the edge”? Would you rather be more energetic, relaxed, focused, patient? All those qualities that keep your being full of life, not running on “empty”?

Watch your pets, see how they take time to re-fuel, relax, regenerate. All animals (both domestic and wild) naturally rest after eating, exercise, serving your and their needs. They simply re-fuel if given the safe space by their living situation and their person.

See how they find just the right spot, a place that is calm, quiet, safe, with or without the sun’s warm glow.

One of the most important things our animals teach us is actually stress management.
When they are in harmony with their body, they automatically do one thing at a time, stop when they are tired, rest and regenerate at pretty predictable frequencies.

Are you paying attention to and honoring both their “rest” needs and your own?
Right now, more than 90% of my animal communications are a mirror of their people, their emotions, lives, energetic and mind maps. This is very important to be aware of as well as a precious healing tool for both fur and non-fur folk! Are you multi-tasking your health into the ground as well as theirs? They take on your stress, try to give you their own valuable energy as you burn the candle at both ends by taking on more than your share each day. You just may be exhausting your pet and their well-being as you jump into the “I can do everything, serve everyone, be everyplace” mode.

Have you ever seen an animal “multi task”? An out of balance animal can try. The examples of guarding multiple food dishes, or picking fights while walking, they are robbing themselves of the food they guard (others out flank them), and inviting physical harm rather than beneficial exercise. It is not natural.

Our pets try to show us how to stress manage…believe me, I know! My two cats are literally on top of me after I overpromise, overextend, and say yes to mega multi-tasking. They are vigilant and persistent with trying to get me to pace myself. They sit on my keyboard, my lap, and try to lead me to a place where both of us can “stop and relax”.

Some tips for stress management (for you and your pets):
1. Set a daily schedule that you can consistently follow. Time to get up (and make your bed), time to feed your pets, time for your feeding too…breakfast, lunch, dinner. Give yourself a strict plan, a time for work and time for home and you…don’t give all your time and energy away to others. Animals love schedules and it helps them not “stress” over food, you, or their day.
2. Part of your schedule: Take at least 3 ten-minute breaks during your nine to five day…get away from your electronic devices, take a few deep breaths, and if possible, get up and out to take a good look at the horizon, the outdoors, the longer point of view.
3. At least two times a day, touch and play with your fur folks. They need hugs and so do you. Create a consistent bond with your touch and attention that gives you both love as well as opportunity to be aware of any “seen” physical needs they may have. Do a quick “body scan” of both you and your pet.
4. Combine their favorite things to do or to see with your favorites, and do this at least once a week. I will bet you both have in common interests, find out!

Put Stress Management at the top of your "to do" list.
Remember, a healthy and harmonious YOU lets you enjoy, help, and maintain your pet’s emotional and physical health.

Watch your animal, learn from their schedule, their natural way of spending each day. Let them show you how stress management naturally works!

Take the guess work out of stressing over what your animal needs.
Find out what your pet is wanting to tell you, how they are doing, how they help you, all in one of my animal communication reads. Find, feel, and discover solutions to help your pet with the “AHA” moments that reveal emotional, physical, behavior cause and needs. Yes, you can help both your pet and YOU when you talk to your pet. They are always talking to you, find out WHY!

Be well and aloha,


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